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Are you tired of this never-ending spam? Anti-SPAM Guard is a unique solution for fighting junk e-mail. It has never been easier to fight spam before!

Anti-SPAM Guard software is a spam filter of a new generation. Spam blocker designed for Windows XP / Vista and runs in the background mode between your email client and the Internet. When you are receiving mail in your Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat!, Eudora or any other client Anti-SPAM Guard checks every message for spam or phishing signs on the fly and, if any detected, it marks such a message or deletes it blocking it from getting onto your computer. Unlike a lot of other spam blockers, Anti-SPAM Guard does not require any configuration, supports all mail clients and uses a multilevel system of filters and checks, which allows it to distinguish between junk e-mail and regular correspondence with a great precision.

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Anti-SPAM Guard

Forget about nigerian scams, credit card and other email scams!

Fast. While checking inbox, Anti-SPAM Guard optimizes the process of retrieving and analyzing mail thus increasing the rate of receiving it.

Universal. Anti-SPAM Guard software supports any email client installed on your computer that either already exists or will be released later. Even if you start using new versions of your e-mail client or change it to another one, Anti-SPAM Guard will continue supporting it.

User-friendly. You do not have to configure anything in Anti-SPAM Guard - the product is ready to run right after you install it! Despite the complex algorithms used in the program, we made working with the spam blocker as easy as possible by designing it so that even a 5-year-old child will be able to easily use it.

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Anti-SPAM Guard has fully functional trial version that only limited with 20 launches. Please download free spam blocker to try it yourself.

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supports any e-mail client;
no need to configure anything;
software works in background;
marks or delete spam if needed;
filters and blocks messages on the fly;
detects not only spam, but also phishing messages;
uses several spam filters;
as easy to use as possible.
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