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Spam kills you time and nerves. Currently, about 80% of all messages are spam. In other words, 8 out of 10 messages are junk e-mail. Why would you receive, read and see it altogether? Just think how much time you spend on clearing your mailbox from a huge amount of unsolicited mail. And how many necessary messages can you delete with heaps of junk e-mail? Aren't you tired of doing it manually? Leave it for Anti-SPAM Guard!

Anti-SPAM Guard is the first anti-spam software whose developers cared about the user in the first place and made this easy-to-use anti-spam product with a lot of features as user-friendly as possible. Even a 5-year-old kid will be able to use the program. Indeed, everything you have to do to start filtering spam is just install and run Anti-SPAM Guard.

Anti-SPAM Guard software

Forget that you had to configure anything before, train anyone, click anything - just forget it and install Anti-SPAM Guard. The program starts running right after you install it, does not require any additional configuration, deletes spam on the fly and supports any e-mail client.

  • no need to configure anything;
  • filters messages on the fly;
  • supports any mail client;
  • detects not only spam, but also phishing messages;
  • uses several spam filters;
  • as easy to use as possible;

Value your time. Be protected. Use Anti-SPAM Guard!

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